Work and space

B I R A C H –
the idea

From the very beginning Martin Gruber strived to create a space in Birach that promotes and supports high standards in artistic work with international acclaim. Birach regularly hosts theatre plays as well as folk theatre and experimental artistic performances.

Artists from Asia, the USA, South America, Russia and international productions use the rooms with their special ambience for rehearsals before they perform their shows at festivals and on stages worldwide. Naturally the traditional Bavarian cultural events also have been a part of life in Birach from the start; village festivals, hoagarten and traditional music are all celebrated here.

Birach's newest proud history in martial arts is embodied by Nobuyuki Watanabe who taught Aikido here for 30 successive years. Furthermore workshops include performing arts, bodywork, martial arts and training in the Talmi-Methode®. 


Who was here - teachers, masters, schools:

Performing Arts  

Tian Gebing, Director
(Beijing, PR China)
Robert Schuster, Director
KULA-Compagnie (France)
NKT Neues Künstlertheater Berlin
AZDAR Theatre (Kabul, Afghanistan)
Paco Gonzales (Familie Flöz)
Rena Mirecka
(Jerzy Grotowskis Theaterlaboratorium)
Mario Calixto (Afro Dance)
Dudu Tucci (Brasil Power)
Marita Günther (Roy Hart Theatre, London, GB) ZeltEnsembleTheater
Verena Weiss, Choreographer 

Martial Arts

Nobuyuki Watanabe 
8th Dan Aikido

Dr. Sung Chih Chien 
T’ai Chi Ch’uan Master

Zheng Yi, Qi Gong Master
VR China
Lie Foen Tjaeng

Healing Arts

William Dub Leigh, founder of Zen Bodytherapy® and Zen Triggerpoint Anatomy®
Prof. Alon Talmi, Functional Integration®
Ph.D. Paul Linden, founder of Being in Movement®
Akinobu Kishi, founder of Seiki Soho
Herta Richter, Breath Therapy
Prof. Dr. Hans Peter Dreitzel, Gestalttherapie
Mona Lisa Boyesen, Ebba Boyesen, HansKim Voet, Biodynamic Psychotherapy
Dr. Fritz Friedl, TCM 
Ph.D. Pat Odgen,
Dance Therapy
C. C. Schröder, Psychology


Hochschule für Schauspielkunst „Ernst Busch“, Berlin (Germany)

Mozarteum Salzburg (Austria)

Otto-Falckenberg-Schule, Munich (Germany)

Bayerische Theaterakademie August Everding, Munich (Germany)

Westerwald Oslo School of Arts, Oslo (Norway)

Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Stuttgart (Germany)

»A place of art and artists…«

The Mühldorfer Anzeiger about Birach


and its architecture

Birach is a Bavarian listed farm from the 19th century, typically the buildings are arranged around the yard in a horse shoe shape. The renovation was a careful undertaking where only the most ecological and sustainable materials were used in accordance with the strict rules and regulations for listed buildings. The former granary was turned into the guesthouse and the original barn was in such derelict condition that it had to be replaced with a barn from seventy kilometers which was dismantled to be rebuilt brick by brick at Birach.

Its interior refurbishment boasts a gymnasium floor which is perfect for practising martial arts, dance and other physical training and it has become the perfect venue for stage performances.

In 1997 a new building for the kitchen and communal space was added. In 1998 the grounds were landscaped to blend into the surrounding area.

Bavarian Homeland Award

for the preservation of the value and renewal of rural regions, in the culture and community section in the district of Mühldorf; under the patronage of the Bavarian Minister-President

Architecture in the District

Mühldorf am Inn District Office; Commendation in Category C: Listed Buildings

»The successful overall design and its integration into the surroundings should be emphasised."«

Verdict of the »Architecture in the District« jury, 2007


and its history

Martin Gruber and his family began renovating a ruined farm near Mühldorf in Upper Bavaria in 1985. Today, the 19th century farm is a listed building. At that time, however, after more than ten years of vacancy, the buildings had been destroyed and the surrounding meadows were desolate. Reconstruction took much more time and financial resources than originally anticipated. At the end of 1989, the external construction was completed and friends and relatives donated trees and shrubs at a big "planting party". At this point, a big thank you to all the many helpers who stood by us during the first years!

No sooner was the first flat in the main building ready for occupancy in 1987 than the ZeltEnsembleTheatre came to Birach. Otto Kukla, Crescentia Dünßer and Irene Hartmann had founded it shortly before. The ZeltEnsemble worked and rehearsed in Birach until 1993, performing its plays in its own theatre tent on a specially constructed roundabout before going on tour or to international festivals.

Since the reconstruction of the historic barn, the plays have been performed here. Local and international theatre productions have experimented, planned and rehearsed in Birach before they perform on stages large and small around the world. You can find the individual performances and artists under Art & Theatre.