Our Summer Academy is a new format in which we offer courses and intensive workshops specifically tailored to performing artists, open to beginners and professionals.
The Summer Academy is expected to take place for the first time in 2023. 

»It was so good with you. We went back very fulfilled.
A lot of important things happened.«

Herta Richter, Breath Therapist

A R T S    P R O D U C T I O N


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»Birach offers ideal training opportunities for aikido enthusiasts without any distractions.«

Mühldorfer Anzeiger


Aikido in Birach

Watanabe Sensei travelled from Japan once or twice a year in the last 30 years to teach Aikido classes in Birach. Maybe Birach was built, expanded and developed somewhat around Watanabe Sensei and his Aikido teachings. He developed his very own style of Aikido and thereby acquired an almost "legendary" status. Aikido students from all over the world came to Birach to train under his instructions. He also offered courses in Japan, Russia, Greece and in several dojos in Germany and Austria.

Watanabe Sensei retired from active teaching at the age of 88 in 2018 and died a year later on 20th August 2019 in Naumburg, Germany. His wife, family and students will cherish his memory and commemorate his legacy.

From 2020 onwards the tradition of annual Aikido teachings in Birach will be continued by his students. 

Other martial arts such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong as well as Aikido from other schools are also a permanent feature in Birach and have been for decades.

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»Slipping out of the existing knowledge of ‘performance’, Martin Gruber created his Talmi-Methode®.«

The Paper Tigers, VR China


Mobility, balance, energy. For a lifetime.

The Talmi-Methode® is a system originally developed by Martin Gruber for performing artists, which is tailored to the high demands of work on stage, but is now also successfully used in other areas.

Emerging from decades of work with artists, the Talmi-Methode® is based on the understanding of treatment as an exchange at eye level: as a self- determined, active colaboration between the practitioner and the person being treated. The Talmi-Methode® is based on various components with the aim of improving presence, voice position, breathing and reducing signs of wear and tear, in addition to optimally balanced erection and maximum freedom of movement. The Talmi-Methode® consists of touch and movement lessons that precisely and effectively reduce obstructive patterns, tensions and the consequences of one-sided stress.

The Talmi-Methode® is already being used with great success at leading European drama schools, in the training of performing artists, in speech training and movement teaching. 

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